AIM Karting Festival

So what is AIM Karting Festival we hear you asking. AIM Karting Festival will be about bringing karting drivers and teams to a tack for some fun but serious racing. 

The aim is to raise funds for AIM but also something for the drivers and teams to get their hands on, The AIM Trophy!

The festival will be a double header weekend with points scoring to build up to the trophy. If you win the trophy, you will then come back the following year to defend the title against your peers in the class you are in. 

The track and dates are yet to be confirmed along with entry prices. We will run to MSA rules, but it maybe some tracks are not MSA run, but will run to MSA rules. Points that are earned on these days will be used, this means we will run a (overlay) race that another track/league will be running the same weekend. This will help keep costs down and allow drivers to race two races on the same day effectively.  

Classes will also be confirmed once we have spoken to the tracks, as we need to know how many karts and classes they can accommodate. 

We will look for sponsors for the trophies, and would welcome any companies who would like to sponsor one or more classes, we will invite the company to send someone to hand out the trophies, or we can chose someone to do this in their absence. 

If you own a company or the company you work for would like to sponsor a class for the trophies etc, please email us.